BCCS Variety Surveys

The BCCS in the process of conducting a Varieties Survey for each of the Barber Series. The purpose of these surveys is to gain information as to the relative availability of different varieties. Each study consists of different parts, each corresponding to a particular type of variety (different hubs, doubled and tripled dies, repunched mintmarks, repunched and misplaced dates, and different combinations of the above).

It is left to the reader to interpret the results. Hopefully, this will provide some insight into the large number of varieties, and the scarcity of some of them. Many that were polled had no reported examples, and many more were represented by a single example.

It was also a difficult project to conduct. For collectors with vast holdings, it was a significant time investment to go through their coins one-by-one. We give our appreciation to those collectors that are participating. Thanks also to the Committee, including Steve Hustad, Dave Earp, and Bob Duzan.

At the present time, only the Quarters Varieties Survey has been completed. The Barber Halves study is still in progress.

Barber Quarters Varieties Survey results

Participate in the Barber Halves Varieties Survey

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