BCCS Officers and Club Leadership

Officers are elected to two-year terms, and we are also always looking for volunteers to assist the BCCS in both regional and national activities. We invite open correspondence and the sharing of new ideas to enhance membership value and the pleasure of collecting Barber coinage. Enjoying Barber coinage is paramount to our club's success and we hope to promote research, publishing and social interactions.

Officers for 2023 and 2024

President:   John Frost
    Email:   bccs@barbercoins.org

Vice President:   Carl Feldman
    Email:   carlscoins@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer:   Dave Earp
    Email:   drpcoins@frontiernet.net

National Positions

Editor of the BCCS Journal: John Frost
    Email:   bccs@barbercoins.org

BCCS Varieties Team: Tim Glaue, Jeff Mendenhall, and Steve Hustad
    Email:   varieties@barbercoins.org

We invite you to consider membership, and encourage our members to contribute to the Journal to share their experiences and knowledge with others, as well to ask questions of the membership.

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