BCCS Journal Advertising Rates

The Journal of the Barber Coin Collectors' Society is published four times annually. The publication is approximately 6x9 inches in size.

Beginning in 2022, the publication is full color.

The following are the current advertisement rates:

1/4 page
1 issue.......$30
4 issues.......$100
1/2 page
1 issue.......$50
4 issues.......$150
1 page
1 issue.......$100
4 issues.......$350
2 pages
1 issue.......$200
4 issues.......$600
Inside front or back cover (both currently taken)
4 issues.......$450

Advertisement artwork should be provided in the following formats for highest ad quality

  • PDF, GIF, PNG, or Microsoft Word/Powerpoint format for ads with primarily text and graphics.
  • PDF, PNG, or TIFF files for ads with photo images included

JPEG format is not a preferred format because of its compression and associated image degradation. It is also poor for high-contrast graphics (e.g., dark lines next to white space).

Advert artwork due dates are as follows: February 20, May 20, August 20, and November 20. All questions should be directed to the Journal Editor, at bccs@barbercoins.org.

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