The Journal

The Journal of the Barber Coin Collectors' Society is a quarterly publication mailed to all BCCS members. It is a forum for collectors of Barber coins to share their experiences and questions with each other. Informative articles abound on many topics, including:

  • rarity of specific dates and varieties in each of the series
  • varieties (just now being explored like never before)
  • searching for and acquiring key dates
  • advice on challenging issues and grades
  • authentication markers of key dates
  • stories from one collector to others

complete with pictures and illustrations.

BCCS members are encouraged to submit articles, or short quips called "Barber Bits." Members often describe their personal experiences while collecting Barber coinage and articles frequently indicate which issues are overrated or underrated in today's market. The Journal Editor is John Frost and can be reached by email at

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