Grading Barber Dimes

We are frequently asked about estimating a reader's coin's value. This guide will assist you in grading your coins, one essential aspect in determining a coin's value. The pictures and descriptions below can be compared to your coins and then you can consult one of many coin price guides in estimating the value of your coins. Also, since coins do not wear in steps, there will be coins that are in between grades (split grades).

Please note that you should not clean your coins, as that will almost certainly reduce their value, possibly substantially. Coins that are cleaned, damaged, corroded, or otherwise impaired will be worth less than listed values.

Some common coin pricing guides include:

- Coin Values, monthly supplement to Coin World weekly newspaper
- Coin Prices, monthly publication of Krause Publications
- A Guidebook to United States Coins by R.S.Yeoman, commonly called the "Red Book"
- PCGS Coin Price Guide (online price guide)

The BCCS is not responsible for referenced price guides, and makes no official recommendation. This is for educational purposes only and does not represent an offer to buy or sell coins. Good luck!

About Good (AG 3). Heavily worn coin, no detail, and the rim around the edge of the coin will be worn into the letters and wreaath (see arrows for examples).

Good (G 4). Few if any details on the front, but the rim should be full. On the reverse, the wreath will be outlined, and the rim may or may not be full.

Very Good (VG 8). On the front, any three letters of LIBERTY on the headband will be present (usually LI and Y). On the back, the rim will be full, and the wreath will begin to show a little detail.

Fine (F 12). On the front, all of the letters of LIBERTY will be visible, but the bottoms of a couple letters may be very weak or missing. Laurel wreath has more detail. On the back, the wreath will show more detail.

Very Fine (VF 20). All of the letters of LIBERTY will be easily visible. Considerable detail in laurel wreath. On the back, most major details will be visible.

Extremely Fine (EF 40). Light wear, most details are present. The band under LIBERTY will be complete, and the hair over the forehead have three dimensionality. On the back, all of the details of the wreath will be clear, including the corn kernals.

About Uncirculated (AU 50). Very light wear only on high points. Unless cleaned, there will be lusture, especially in the protected areas. Surface quality is important for AU grades.

Uncirculated or Mint State (MS 60+). There can be no wear at all on the high points. Abrasively cleaned coins where lusture has been rubbed off high points do not qualify as uncirculated, as there is no way to tell if the coin was really still mint state before it was cleaned. Dipped or hairlined coins where lusture is uninterrupted by rub can still be considered uncirculated, though may warrant a lower value.

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